A Trio of Midtown Swag Details, Plus a Return Visit to the Death Star

I’m almost embarrassed to share these photos because of their horrendous ancient iPhone quality, but oh well.  Noticed a few swags around Midtown today and I had to capture them for my ongoing obsession.  There’s just something so innately graceful about droopy fruit/leaves/linen.  

This one was on Charles Allen just south of 8th Street.  It’s hard to make out in the photo but the plaster was very detailed with flowers and fruit.

The next swag was a plaque on the side of the venerable Sig Samuels dry cleaners at Monroe and 8th.  The droopy part looked like laurel leaves with a band in the middle, and the vertical members are some kind of flower that decreases in size as it goes down.  

I got sidetracked by this modern home that’s finishing up on 9th Street.  I posted it a while back when the black undercladding made it look particularly Death Star-ish, and it’s looking less severe these days.  Hoping it’ll be on the Modern Atlanta tour so I can get a peek at the interiors…

It’s not hard to imagine a house standing on the southwest corner of Juniper and 7th Street.  The stairs have disintegrated but the stone wall and a healthy tree hold the corner as they have for God knows how long.

The last swag of the day is probably my favorite; it’s on the facade of the decaying Neel Reid apartment building behind the Starbucks at 7th and Peachtree.  Come on Novare, make good on that restoration promise.  Really, the swags are just one part of a larger composition that’s centered on a curvy cartouche.  The way the vertical component folds in on itself is gorgeous.