The Halloween decorations in Ansley Park are spectacular - especially this one on The Prado. The full moon and the windy weather make it that much creepier!

The Halloween decorations in Ansley Park are spectacular - especially this one on The Prado. The full moon and the windy weather make it that much creepier!

Renovation on Inman Circle - Ansley Park (Taken with Instagram)

Renovation on Inman Circle - Ansley Park (Taken with Instagram)

The rainy weather really brought out Ansley Park’s mossy PNW side yesterday.  And if there’s one thing I love, it’s moss. 

Love Ansley Park, but this sidewalk tile almost snapped my ankle off.  I was walking along Barksdale Terrace and all of the sudden one of the tiles dipped down into some kind of mini-sinkhole.  Broken up and haphazard sidewalks are a common sight in Atlanta, but I wonder how often this happens?    

What I Saw During An April Ansley Park/Midtown Afternoon Jaunt

It was a gorgeous April day so I leashed up the pooch and walked a block to the food truck gathering at 12th and P’tree for the King of Pop’s Lemon Ricotta pop- my favorite.  After that we made our way north to the Peachtree library branch atop MODA where I returned a seriously overdue, not quite finished novel.  Decided to turn down 16th Street for a little scenic loop back home.  It was there I noticed this garland swag plaque on a cute little 1924 apartment building, which may be just the example I need for a tattoo I go back and forth on wanting.  If I’m going to have something permanently inked on my body it’s going to have to perfect, and I’m trying to find a good garland to show my artist. 

This little Greek Revival-Revival on Peachtree Circle must be by Ivey and Crook, right?  The proportions of that little portico are pitch perfect. 

I’m thrilled that this rare Prairie style house is being restored (well, more like reconstructed) but they but sure are taking their time!  Its rear facade is perfectly visible from the hole on Peachtree where John Wieland’s condo project died. 

Another view of the Prairie.

Are we in Atlanta or Pasadena?  Could not get over the beautiful landscaping of this home, especially the climbing roses.

Another beautiful, small yard + a tastefully decorated porch.

I’ve always loved this pair: the one of the left for its simplicity and landscaping, the one on the right for its quasi-Victorian spirit.

The 15th Street Plaza is one of Atlanta’s public space success stories.   The trees, the cafe tables, the gurgling fountain, the free Wi-Fi.  Such a nice place to just…be.

The old Vickery’s on Crescent Avenue is being transformed day by day.  Some neat modern tree planters have been installed, and the facade is coming back together.  The old structures on this block provide needed relief from the new shininess of…

12th and Midtown.  Before you know it, this block will be home to a high rise apartment tower with retail on the ground floor, giving the microhood additional energy and buzz.  I’m surprised that the building won’t extend to the 11th Street corner where there’s a parking lot, though.  I love Peachtree Street as much as the next guy, but it’s great to see the side streets being developed.  It’ll give our urbanism a more dynamic (and less linear) quality.

This has to be one of my favorite homes in Ansley Park.  It’s on Beverly Road near the corner of Doncaster Drive.  I have a thing for bright white cubic forms, but there’s also the big bowed window, the ironwork around the entrance, and the shadow lines formed by the inset brick courses.  Compared to the newer homes that have gone up on Beverly it appears a little dinky, but I think that’s part of its charm.  

Piedmont Driving Club, 1942

Piedmont Driving Club, 1942