Eiseman Building Facade, Five Points MARTA Station

One of the most interesting pieces of art to be found in a MARTA station is the facade of the Eiseman Building in the Five Points station.

The building originally stood on the section of Peachtree Street just south of the station (then called Whitehall Street). It had to be demolished for the construction of the station. You can read the story of the effort to preserve the facade in a 1977 Atlanta Constitution article posted at

A quote from the article:

Much of the facade is handsculpted terra cotta, a clay product somewhat similar to brick except for an exterior glaze.

Using a miniature jackhammer, workmen dismantled the facade into hundreds of pieces — 844 in all. Each was numbered, photographed, drawn to scale and packed in wood shavings for storage in a MARTA warehouse.

The photos I’ve posted here all come from Flickr. The detail of the statue from nègFoto, the facade in the station from Michael A. Brown, and the incredible photo of the 1977 demolition of the Eiseman Building from firemann57.